Community outreach programs are our way of giving back to the world. When Bart started his company, Speak America, he made a promise to himself and others that he would give more than he would receive and he is doing that through community outreach programs. Upon returning from an outreach program in Kenya, Bart quantified his goal – to give one million people their voice! Community outreach programs we support include working with non-profits, youth organizations, charities and churches.

is for those whose hearts beat to give more, their minds yearn to share more and their souls cry to be and do more.....this program is for YOU!

To give people the power of the spoken word.

Our goal is to create the ultimate communication, which is to let your life speak!

  •  Have a million people share their voice
  • Drive inspiration
  • Drive people to action
  • Drive people to let their life speak!

Community Outreach has three keys functions:

  1. Inspires other to share their life gift
  2. Opens opportunities for other to put their voice into action
  3. Provides financial assistance for foundation goals

There are three very specific ways you can get involved:

  1. Click the link below to find out how you can develop and realize LIFE VOICE! Join Us! Join the wall of a million voices. Join the REMARKABILITY movement!
  2. You can join us one of our missions as a resource member as we travel the world!
  3. You can provided financial support to help others who are letting their lives speak.

today to find out more about how you can make a difference through Community Outreach!