Thank you for your efforts during Speaker Boot Camp for the Education Sales Team. This is one of the best workshops I have attended. The skills and information learned during the three days are already proving extremely valuable. I am more effectively communicating with customers, have increased confidence when presenting, and am better prepared for sales calls.

Wonderful. Best course ever. I can’t wait to practice my new skills. Please give Bart a lot of money. He is absolutely, positively the best instructor we’ve had at [our company], and the best instructor I’ve had in any other company.

I like to think of this class as a communication boot camp where you are stripped of your bad habits in the first day and subsequent days are spent building strong skills to replace those poor communication habits you never knew you had. …… Barton Queen (Bart), the instructor, lives what he preaches. Every time he gets up in front of the class he reinforces what you have been learning by being a dynamic and very skilled communicator…….I have never been to a class where I was so eager to begin using and practicing the skills I’ve learned. I find myself using them in my every day communications with co-workers, friends, family and customers.

I wanted to thank you again for your help.. I gave the keynote last night at [XXXX to a group of 500 people], and I’ve received nothing but outstanding feedback. I’ve been working for weeks on the content, doing a lot of research and spending countless hours documenting what I felt was important to the industry and important to this audience. But in the end, I know it was your coaching through Speaker Boot Camp, that made the presentation so well received.

I personally believe that the Speaker’s Boot Camp was one of the best professional experiences in my life. I encourage each and every person here to take advantage of Bart Queen’s experience, knowledge, and tutelage. He is fantastic! What you will gain while taking the course is an understanding of your level of speaking knowledge, where to improve, and how to implement improvement. What you will find is that your presentations become more focused, clear, concise, strategy-related, and powerful!

The greatest thing Bart will do for me as a communicator is not change my style or who I am. But enable me to become a much better ‘designer’ of my communication pieces. Understanding a more powerful and effective way of speaking to a group of people via a structure that will grab their attention from the ‘get go’ and keep them centered on my presentation until the end.

It was an immense pleasure and privilege participating in Speaker Bootcamp, fulfilling a long-term professional goal, and far exceeding my high expectations. The enthusiasm, energy, passion and professionalism that you bring to class are outstanding, as is your ability to bring out the best in everyone, even the most reluctant or petrified speakers.

I was especially impressed with your wonderful coaching skills. Even when I was a semi-professional athlete, I met few coaches who understood the power of positive coaching, the effectiveness of sandwiching positively-worded critiques between words of praise. The evidence of your success was apparent in everyone’s second attempt in front of the class.

What a joy it was to see the major leaps forward your coaching evoked. For those who are petrified to speak in front of a group, the confidence you helped them discover is a priceless lifelong gift. Even in our abbreviated time together, I learned many invaluable lessons that will help me in my efforts to improve my communications skills and I’m most grateful. While I wish I’d had the opportunity to learn how to communicate more effectively when I was 17 or 18, I’m thrilled to be on the road to improvement. I’m thrilled to say that the experience and the rewards were more than worth the effort!