If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner our training mission is to help you develop a laser focus on your message and positioning so that you can effectively communicate your vision to others in a way that is clear and concise.

I believe the foundation for making this work is being a PURPOSE DRIVEN ENTREPRENEUR. The result is a PERSON of TOTAL INFLUENCE.

I believe it is critical to maximize our impact, influence and revenue by having as many revenue streams as we can. This ensures your success and future.

There are four critical revenue streams. It doesn't matter what stream you start with, or, if you have already started your business what area you are focused on now.

The first is SPEAKING. Here I am primarily discussing keynotes.

The second is SEMINARS, workshops or training courses.

The third is PRODUCTS. This includes books, videos, audio, recordings, CD(s), webinars, and teleseminars.

The fourth is CONSULTING. This area could include coaching programs.

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The fastest way to dominate your market, maximize your income and become a Person of Total influence is to focus on your speaking and having a published book. You can look at these successful people - Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, and Robert Kiyosaki - to see this principle executed perfectly.