People Buy From People They Like


One of my core beliefs is the simple principle … people buy from people.

I always take it one step further to … people buy from people they like.

Today I received an email from my friend Ken, who went through one of my classes several years ago. He made a comment that has me reeling with excitement and exploration of how to put this principle into effect!

He said,


That immediately reminded me of something Simon Sinek said, “Do business with people who think the way you think!

Steven Jobs said, “Forget the agnostics, focus on the believers!”

If words are the most powerful drugs on the planet, then we have been given some of the most powerful cures for our personal lives, professional lives, our businesses and our purpose!

Let’s focus on what Ken said so brilliantly.


PEOPLE LIKE TO CREATE! I wish I had a dime for every person I have spoken with that said, “All I want to do is make a difference, I am just not sure how”. I can remember saying that thousands of times myself.

People have this inner desire to CREATE lives that count. Deep down we want to CREATE significance. People want to create something that will leave a mark on this world. This willingness to create is what I believe drives us to find that one thing, the purpose of why we are here!

I have found that there are four types of people:

People who have no desire to even seek their purpose

People who seek their purpose and never find it

People who seek their purpose, find their purpose and live in fear of living it out

And those people who seek it, find it, and live it out

What if we did three things?

One … let’s forget about the naysayers in our lives and let’s rip the voice out of our own head when our inner voice begins to say, you can’t do that – everyone will laugh, you will fail – this will never work! That voice needs to be silenced forever!

Two … let’s hang out with people who think they way we think. People who want to make a difference; people who want to live out their gifts, the people who want to help others live out their gifts. The power of association can make us or break us. I once heard we should be with people who add or multiply our lives and stop spending time with those who subtract or divide our lives. I realize these can be hard choices – I have had to face them too. Our time is so short and when an opportunity door closes it usually doesn’t reopen. Another door may open, but not that one!

And three, let’s create together; let’s co-create with the people we like! Let’s hang with a group of people who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves! I just had a conversation with someone I had not seen in 4 years. In our one hour conversation we did more co-creation than I had done all week.

This week I launched a radio show that is committed to creating purpose driven individuals, speakers and entrepreneurs. I need to be around people who think the way I think, I need to be around people who will help me turn off the voice in my head, I need to be around people that I can help, lend an ear, offer a word of encouragement and I need to be around people who want to co-create together!

Iron sharpens iron and so does one person another. Join me on VoiceAmerica, on Mondays at Noon EST and become a part of like-minded folks who are committed to creating better lives, doing more for others and being more as a person.

Together we can build the wall of one million voices. What number will you be?

Ken, thanks so much for teaching us that we can create together!





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