The power to gain and maintain a leadership role is the direct result of the power to influence.
The Ultimate Strategic Speaking System's intensive training sessions offer proven techniques that help you sharpen your content, strengthen your delivery, and dramatically improve your interaction skills. You'll be motivated to become listener-not speaker-focused, to expand "real self" awareness, to embrace your ideal self, and to understand the concept of perception versus reality.
The result is a dynamic yet strategic behavior change - a lasting turnaround that will empower YOU to lead and succeed in new and unexpected ways.


Over 30 different videos, each unique with their own valuable content that will help you get to your next goal. These are tips that will transform how you speak, communicate and drive your listeners to action. You can go through these at your own pace. What is most important that you take your time and master the skill, idea or concept.




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'' I have learned more from this course then I have in many years in the industry. Very hands on. You have plenty of practice and you learn from others. Real life examples and practical usage. This will change my ways. Bart has energy and truly cares about us. He wants to help each of us and his thoughts/ideas assisted everyone. This is the most important class that I have taken since college. I am going to recommend it to many of my colleagues. Thank you Bart! ''

-Carl Suplee

'' Engaging, kept me totally involved, learned tons. Loved the smallness of the class. I can't imagine a better trainer and your welcome of feedback is tremendous!! The lgic of the roadmap and its design is incredibly constructive and productive. ''

-Jerry Hosking