One of my favorite old stories is when God states, “My eyes go to and from looking in the world for a man or woman who is willing to stand in the gap!” The gap or hole in the story was in the wall that protected the people and the city from danger!


I had an opportunity to stand not in the gap, but near the wall, a piece of the wall – the wall that separated East and West Germany. The memorial of the wall in Berlin takes up almost a full long city block. You can get a sense of its thickness, height and holes (created by the wall peckers – people who tried to create holes for others to climb through).

Very close to the memorial is a museum that depicts life on both sides of the wall before it came down. You climb two sets of stairs and stand on a platform as if you are looking over the wall from the west side. It gives you the sense of what life may have been like with sights, sounds and a feeling of 3D. The experience takes you through sun up and sun down. The detail is so fantastic that you cannot tell if people visiting the museum are real or if they are a part of the 3D experience!

I believe that each of us must stand in the gap where we can make a difference! I believe each of us has the opportunity to be someone who builds walls or tears down walls.

  • Are we willing to stand in the gap for our customers and audiences?
  • Are we building walls between ourselves and our customers?
  • Are we building walls between ourselves and our audiences?

If I ask the question of you, I must answer myself. Before I answer, allow me to define two things just to put us on the same page as we answer these questions.

  1. STANDING IN THE GAP – LIVING OUT YOUR PURPOSE, sharing what you have learned to this very day in your lives to make a difference for those on similar paths or experiences.
  2. BUILDING WALLS – CREATING VULNERABILITY BETWEEN US AND CUSTOMERS OR AUDIENCES. This is being authentic and real. Are we the same person on stage as off stage? Are we the same person in front of the training room as we are in the break room?

For me, both of these have been a lifetime process – at times easier than others! Sometimes it has been a success and other times a complete failure. My goal as a Purpose Driven Entrepreneur has been to let my whole life speak! Not just my training, talks or speeches. This blog today was not about my answer. It’s about your answer! It was meant to make each of us think, contemplate, reflect and learn.

For me, now the picture is much clearer. I imagine myself with a hammer and chisel breaking down the wall, creating a hole that others can step through. Then standing in the gap and standing guard for those who have the courage to step through!


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