The Path to Remarkability

The Paths Untaken- Both the Past and the Future!

I have had the privilege of helping two people over the last two weeks really identify their gift and life purpose.  It is an amazing experience to see the transformation, relief and hope that comes from gaining understanding why they feel they are here.mountain2_1_.jpg_1315420290

Time and time again I see people truly wanting to follow their heart, live out their dreams and live the life I believe they were meant to live.  We settle for so little!  We resign ourselves to having less! One of the women I was working with said it perfectly, “We may as well lie down and die!”  We may not be ‘laying down’ physically………………but we are doing it emotionally and spiritually.

Our lives are a journey.  A journey of discovery and learning.  The journey has a beginning, middle and an ending! The path is like climbing a mountain.  It has ups and downs, twist and turns.  For some of us reaching the top is easy, for others it is a struggle, painful and disappointing.

Most people would believe reaching the top is the goal.  To them it is the epitimy of success…………more money, bigger houses, more cars, more toys and more vacations.  The result of success is all those things and more.  It in my opinion is not the end.  It is purely the byproduct of following the path we have been called to walk.

I believe the real goal is not to reach the top of the mountain.  The real goal…………….is to see what is on the other side! The goal is to see where we have come from, to look from the top of the mountain….to see the paths we have taken and most importantly to see that paths that are our FUTURE! We climb the mountain to cross into the life we were meant to live. …… live bigger lives than we thought possible, to receive more than we thought was possible and to give more than we thought possible!!!

For all of us we have ‘paths not taken’ in our past and we have ‘paths not taken’ in our future. Most of us focus on the paths not taken in our past, instead of looking to the paths of the future.  Which are YOU focusing on?……..the paths not taken in your past or the paths not taken in your FUTURE?

Each of us has to climb at times in our lives some mountain of difficulty.  It can be relationships, medical issues, careers, financial, spiritual or something deeply personal.  We can’t avoid the mountains.  They will come.  These small mountains give us strength, they form who we are.  They are our experiences.  Each time we reached the top of the mountain, we looked two ways.  We looked to the path we have taken.  As we look back we see different paths we could have taken. Ones that might have been easier, ones that would have got us to the top of the mountain faster.  We learn.  We know which paths to avoid, which paths are better for us in our journey.  From the top of the mountain we can also see how to go down the mountain to the rich valley and see the next mountain that lies in our future……..our next goal.  Most likely it is a bigger taller mountain!  Our next chosen challenge……………….. we would not have the strength, or the experience, the knowledge, the wisdom to climb the next mountain if it were not for the the paths and mountains our past!

The problem is some of us never reach the top of the mountain.  All we see and focus on is the paths not taken in our past.  We see the regrets, the mistakes, the wrong turns, the wrong choices.  The top alludes us…………….the paths to the top of the mountain are not as easily seen.  They have hidden turns and twists.  They have obstacles in the way.  It seems too hard.  We give up.  We end up living on the side of the mountain instead of the top or crossing into the valley of our dreams.  We compromise for no reason.  We live in the paths not taken of the past!

Some people climb their mountains, reach the top and create the paths of their future.  For a select group of folks they reach the fork in their path that allows them to choose to climb the mountain of their purpose.  This will be the highest mountain they will ever climb.  This mountain will allow them to stand above the clouds.  This will allow them to see their lives like they have never seen before.  This will allow them to see all the paths not taken in their past, to see the paths they have taken and understand how they couldn’t have climbed their own Mount Everest without all those little mountains.

Most importantly, as you stand on the top of the mountain you get to see all the paths not taken in your future.  You have a choice.   The paths are limitless.  You are now in full control.  Now you are creating and choosing your destiny.  The path to the life you were meant to live is in full view.  It is reachable.  It is all downhill.  It is all for the taking

You now may say I have the ultimate success.  I have reached the top of the highest mountain in the world for me!  You are fifty percent correct.  Reaching this mountain and crossing into the valley comes with personal responsibility. Your job, your purpose, your life gift, your reason for being is now solely………………to help others reach their ultimate mountain top and show them the paths not taken into their future.


I dare you to reach your mountain top and take the paths not taken to your future!

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