Trust, Relationship, & Engagement…… Are YOU Building it with Your Communications?

When I coach people on their speaking, communication or message they often don’t even know what the end goal is! What are they trying to achieve? Their approach is to …….”SHOW UP AND THROW UP!”

My goal, your goal, our goal is to EMPOWER people, NOT TO IMPRESS THEM!

It is critical to think through even the smallest or simplest communication situation what the end goal is. Today as you go through your day what is the end goal of your meetings phone calls, email and texts. The end result is establishing mental real estate in the minds of your listeners

I have found there are three areas to focus on in our communication in order to empower those around us: build trust, build relationships, and build engagement. These are the foundation of our communication both personally and professionally.

BUILD TRUST…… today’s marketplace most believe they are selling products and services. Today to gain the competitive edge we have to focus on establishing trust. People buy trust before they buy our products or services. People buy trust before they buy the provider, meaning you and me. The two biggest factors in establishing trust are consistency and clarity. These create CERTAINTY. Make trust the number one thing you do today in all of your communications. Certainty wins every time!

BUILD RELATIONSHIP……People buy from people they like!!! Two goals here: build the trust factor and build the likeability factor. When we communicate we can talk or sell in three levels:

1) SO WHAT”……This is the classic show up and throw up.

2) “ME TOO!” When your listener says I have had that experience, I went to school there, I feel the same way, I belong to the same group, club or organizations…….they are saying, “ME TOO”!! When this happens relationship goes up, and trust goes up! Don’t be afraid to share relevant things about yourself with others. Most of the time we don’t communicate enough personal narrative. This will drive your listener faster to your end goal.

3) “I NEED YOU”…….this is the ideal response! Trust is high, relationship is strong. This breeds loyalty to you and your brand.

The last goal is BUILD ENGAGEMENT………engagement is simply getting the listener to respond, listen and Interact. Your question should not be” HOW DO I TELL THEM MORE” but rather, “HOW DO I GET THEM TO REMEMBER MORE!”

Fifty percent of what you share will be forgotten.

You have 30 seconds to engage someone face to face.

You have 8 seconds to engage someone via the internet.

The average adult can only stay focused for 4-6 minutes, then you have to change it up.

One of the best ways to tell someone is engaged is when they say, “Tell me more!” not “Is it over yet?!”

The foundation to effective communication is having trust, relationship and engagement at the highest level. Today build your communication mental real estate…….not mind share competition. You will meet your communication goals, reach your overall objectives, and create greater influence!

I believe Steve Jobs said it best,” Master the Message”. Now I say, “I dare you!!”

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