Video Blog Testimonials – Bill from Teradata

Bill Franks from Teradata, part of the SPM 500

I’m with a large company where I present to clients and customers on a regular basis. In working with Bart, I realized that I truly want to be a teacher….whether in a high school, a university, or as I am now in the corporate world…that’s where I want to ultimately be.

In working with Bart, one thing that I learned was the structure of how to put together a talk or presentation. When your points are organized, it’s amazing how much more impactful your message becomes.  One major take-away for me was realizing the power of having my talks transcribed. Having the talks transcribed in advance provided me the ability to provide a written paper of the topic immediately when asked. The tips and ideas provided by Bart have been invaluable. I’m looking forward to continuing to hone my skills and truly living the life I’m meant to live. He opened up a world of possibilities to me I never knew existed. If you’re thinking about improving your skill sets, give it a try!



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