Your Core Story: Part 2

Communication Strategies………………Your Core Story – Part 2:

‘WHY’ Your Core Story

Your core story creates your UNIQUE BRAND. A brand that is only YOU! No different from your personal finger print! The best definition I ever read of brand is ………”BRAND is the truth of you told well”. Every single one of us and our businesses are looking to establish complete uniqueness. We typically talk feature, function and people look at their watches and say, “Is it over yet?” When we hear a story, we get involved, stay engaged and say…..”TELL ME MORE!” Imagine that happening on your next sales call, customer presentation or conference call!!!

Your core story instantly creates RELATIONSHIP AND COMMUNITY with the people with whom you are speaking. It’s what I call the “me too factor”. This has happened to you a thousand times. You’re listening to someone speak, share a story, or an experience. In your head you’re saying, “That happened to me, I had the same experience!” That’s the “me too factor”! When that happens relationship is formed and trust has a foundation to build from. All you did was share your aspect of your core story.

Your core story NEVER ENDS. It is continuous. Your core story creates a series of on-going experiences for your listeners, clients and customers to follow!

The result is you are relationship-based not transaction-based. It is a mutual exchange, not a one-way flow!

Your core story creates the COMPETITIVE DIFFERENTIATOR in a natural way. Remember people buy from people and most importantly people buy from people they like! People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves! This allows you to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

The benefits of your core story are: greater loyalty, identifies the key difference you make, creates clarity of message, creates what people value most and delivers the potential to sell without selling!

GREATER LOYALTY: People are loyal to people, not companies.

  • IDENTIFIES THE KEY DIFFERENCE YOU MAKE: Pinpoints you as a resource for education.
  • CREATES CLARITY: Clarity inspires trust, clarity equals an expert, and clarity creates CERTAINTY!
  • CREATES WHAT PEOPLE VALUE MOST: How you make them feel
  • DELIVERS SELLING WITHOUT SELLING: Result of relationship and engagement to attract and hold fast!

Your core story creates the Ultimate Marketing Tool! Once you have developed your core story there are 5 areas of application developing your messages, driving marketing, delivering service, defining your brand, deploying focus to the market place or a customer assessment tool.

Your core story defines your strategy. The root word of strategy is “stragos”. It is a Greek root word. It means the “art of generals”.

It is not the number of men, tanks or guns that count… is how do we out-strategize the competition. Or more specifically how do we out-communicate the competition!

Steven Jobs said, “Master your message”. I believe it is critical to master your core story. In today’s marketplace content is currency!

Today begin to think through your core story, what you have learned and how you can begin to build your business by sharing your story. You will quickly see that TRUST AND RELATIONSHIP ARE ESTABLISHED INSTANTLY!

The CEO of Pepsi said, “In today’s global market, TRUST is the new currency!”

Share your story, build the trust factor, and gain the competitive edge!


Additional note……next week I am starting a “30 Day Communication Challenge”. I will be posting 30 videos on YouTube of the best communication tips I have learned over the last 23 years. If you’re interested send me a quick email to with “30 Day Communication Challenge” in the subject line. When a video gets posted a will send it right to you! I look forward to hearing your thoughts about each video!

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