Your Core Story: Part 3

Core Story Foundation……….I have found in helping others that one of the greatest RESULTS of your core story is identifying the key difference you make in the world. Most people from my experience sell themselves short! When asked why should I promote, hire or choose to work with you- most people cannot articulate clearly three reasons why!

Today take a moment and do two things:

1. Identify the top three things that set you up as an industry or expert resource.

2. Identify what would be your major life lesson up to this exact moment.

The short term outcome is both an “elevator speech” and a “sales pitch”. The immediate outcome is clarity of purpose and message and third, the long term outcome is being seen as a Purpose Driven Entrepreneur. This allows you to offer a LIFETIME OF EDUCATION, LIFETIME OF SERVICE AND A LIFETIME OF LEADERSHIP!

Take a look at some current statistics:

  • Right Management Survey: 66% of people are somewhat unsatisfied in their jobs
  • Global Mercer Survey: 28-56% are unhappy with their lives
  • Top reasons why people leave their jobs: unfulfilling work, no recognition, limited development, under appreciated
  • Top reasons people start a business: be the boss, do what they are interested in, leave a legacy, pursue their dreams, help others pursue their dreams

The challenge we all face is how turn passion into purpose, purpose into product and product into profit?

Identify your core story and lesson:

I believe the first step is identifying your core story and lesson.

There are four types of people.

  1. People who never seek out their purpose who never ask the question why am I here.
  2. People who seek that purpose and never find it… alludes them
  3. People who seek it out, find it, but live in fear of following it
  4. People who seek it out, find it and follow it. They by far our most successful in life in all areas

For most people this either comes from their pain or their passion. Out of this comes the lesson and the strengths. One of my favorite pieces of old wisdom is “comfort those with the comfort you have been comforted with.” This illustrates simply the idea of sharing what you have learned with others. Most people make finding their purpose too difficult. Most of the time it is right in front of us.

Resolve your mindset:

This involves two steps on our part. The end result happens naturally.

  • The first is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. So much easier said than done! Most of the time as soon as we start down our path the voice in our head starts to come up with reasons why it won’t work. I feel like I fight this every day. I often ask myself how the voice in my head and the voice of others has so much power.
  • The second is BELIEVE IN YOUR MISSION.

James Allen wrote,” Whatever a man thinks about most he becomes.” Identifying the core story and lesson can give you single mindedness of purpose. When you have articulated that purpose you have MISSION!

No matter what your mission is, from something simple to something that changes the world we have to build the mission on one premise: “I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THEIR LIVES”

This is the key to opening a 1000 doors!

I dare you to create your core story!

I dare you to identify your life lesson!

I dare you to open a 1000 doors!

I dare you to become the person you are meant to be!


Additional note…… I am starting a “30 Day Communication Challenge”. I will be posting 30 videos on YouTube of the best communication tips I have learned over the last 23 years. If you’re interested send me a quick email to with “30 Day Communication Challenge” in the subject line. When a video gets posted I will send it right to you! I look forward to hearing your thoughts about each video!

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