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What can Bart and his team do for you?

How can Bart help you and your team?

This area focuses on training for those who communicate on business topics which might include company communications or communications about products, services or sales.

This area of training helps individuals share their life experiences. Topics might include cancer recovery, personal tragedy, overcoming personal issues and other life changing experiences.

Our Community Outreach Programs are a reflection of our heart. These communication skill programs are focused on non-profits, community and faith-based organizations where we encourage and build confidence in the lives of others.

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"Fear Nothing and Serve Everyone" ~ Bart Queen

Bart’s coaching was invaluable and I grew professionally in the process. He helped me prepare and deliver a presentation where I engaged the audience, reinforced my key messages and had the opportunity to share more details with audience members after the presentation. The approach Bart uses is applicable in many communications situations, both personal and professional, and he is dedicated to helping others communicate effectively with confidence and passion.

Michael Dalton, CISSP, CISA, RSA CSE
Michael Dalton, CISSP, CISA, RSA CSE Sr Identity Engineer at RSA, the Security Division of Dell EMC

Bart's class was a huge confidence booster. He's an outstanding instructor and so passionate about mentoring and teaching! I love that I can take the material and apply it to all aspects of my job and personal life. It is obvious that Bart wants all his students to improve and grow.

Brooke Upton
Brooke Upton Global Product M/MGR - Risk MGMT Solutions at SAS INST

If you do not know how to communicate in a way that will help you grow your relationships, business, bank accounts and even just your self-esteem….You’ve got to get involved with Bart Queen. He can show you everything you need to know in order to help you to get your message out to the world!

Nick Nanton
Nick Nanton Award Winning Director and Celebrity Lawyer

Bart is ALWAYS top notch!
If you have a group that needs to learn how to create better communication, I suggest you go with Bart Queen. He's the best!

J. W. Dickson
J. W. Dickson Attorney and Best Selling Author

This was an awesome course! I highly recommend this to others and I feel more confident and ready to not only give a presentation, but communicate more effectively. Bart is awesome! I will definitely attend another one of his courses.

Josh Hewitt
Josh Hewitt Academic Outreach and Collaborations MGR at SAS


"Don’t state “good question”...... Avoid putting value to a question!"

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