Remarkability is the Golden Gate Bridge between “This Moment” & “Your Legacy”

Remarkability is Creating a Path and a Bridge from the Life You Live to the Life You were MEANT to Live I have had the opportunity over the last year to see some pretty remarkable places. I stood at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. I saw the power of two oceans meeting each other creating some of the most dangerous passage areas in the world. I stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon. One can only stare in awe of something so magnificent. I stood on top of an ice glacier in Alaska. I saw the blue light come from the massive ice flow. Each of those was an amazing experience. Last month I stood on the mountain overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge on the north side. It was early in the morning, the sun was peeking through the clouds, and the fog seemed to be interwoven into parts of the bridge. Some places you could see the bridge. At other points it was hidden. Standing at a distance it seemed scary for cars and pedestrians to keep moving forward not knowing where the bridge led. Did it end, what was at the other side? Would it ...
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Do You Live in Fear? Find the Courage to Practice the Three “C’s” of Remarkability

Do you guard against the “fear of yourself”? I have had one of those days when I feel like saying ”YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! THERE IS MORE?!” Know what I mean? It reminds me of those Saturday projects that start simple -  like cleaning your closet of clothes you don’t need -  and then takes a wrong turn – into completely remodeling the whole closet.  Sunday night arrives, you have clothes everywhere, the closet is torn apart, you’re tired, frustrated and you can’t believe you went from just cleaning out the closet to a whole bedroom makeover! Even better…….I can still remember when I move one time.  The move went from a simple move from one house to another,  to a garage sale, trip to Goodwill, bake sales for those attending, and a social get-together!  It just seemed to expand at an exponential level! More recently, I have been working on several projects all at once that fit this idea.  It seems like every time we get one part completed 10 more open up. Have you ever had one of those experiences at home……….or maybe a project at work that seemed like it never stopped expanding? We are ...
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3 Key Actions for Finding Your Purpose and Becoming Remarkable

Dwight Eisenhower was truly right when he said, “Whatever you hope to bring to pass in the world – MUST FIRST COME TO PASS IN YOUR HEART.” But how do we bring something to pass in our hearts? How do we go from where we are to where we want to be? How do you build a bridge across the River of Unbelief, excuses, and lack of self-confidence to finally reach the Land of the Remarkable?! As I see it, it comes down to three key ACTIONS on our part. Not ideas but actions! Here they are: 1. KNOW YOUR VISION First, we can’t go anywhere without having a final destination in mind.  This may be large or small in scope.  For most of us our vision is too small.  For more ideas on BIG thinking read  Michael Port’s book , “THE BIG MANIFESTO.” It is an AWESOME read!  Write down the vision in the smallest details you can.  You can do this in any area of your life.  The more detail you give it the better! 2. BELIEVE WITH COMPLETE ABANDONMENT This is the second action we must take.  This can seem fuzzy to most people, even a little ...
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Remarkable Experience vs. The Practice of Remarkability

In one of my past blogs I talked about remarkable  places. In another I talked about remarkable people.  Well………….what about remarkable experiences!!!! I have just returned from a trip to Alaska.  One of my highlights was being flown to the top of the glacier in a helicopter and going dog sledding.  Add this experience to your bucket list.  It is a must!!!! The day was clear, the skies were bright blue and the sun was warm on my face. Skagway Alaska seemed more like a dream place than reality.  The helicopter ride was like watching peter pan fly in a Disney movie.  We floated higher and higher into the sky.  Everything seemed miniature below.  We crusted the top of the mountain and in the distance a small village could be barely seen.  Their tents were white and blended in so well with the snow. What you could see were small dots covering the snow.  As we got closer what I realized was the dots were sled dogs……………..250 sled dogs lying across the snow.  Each tied to a stake with their own wooden dog house.  If you are a dog lover like I am ………..this is heaven.  We met the musher ...
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Practicing Remarkability and Being Remarkable Means “USE ME”!

As I talk to people every day I ask one simple question…………… “If you could be doing anything you want  - with no limitations! – what would that be?” What would you be doing? Ninety-seven percent of people say they would do something different! Statistically 73% of people are unhappy in their jobs. Henry Thoreau said,  “The mass of all men live lives of quiet desperation.” Have we all resigned ourselves to second choices, second best and second class lives?!  Have we settled for something short of our dreams?  Have dreams, hopes and aspirations become like water through our hands……………we feel it, see it, but we can’t grasp it! WHERE AND WHEN DID WE LEARN TO SETTLE FOR SO MUCH LESS????????????? Here is what I have come to believe…………..all of us want life to mean more than just material comforts. We want to feel needed. We want to feel we are making a contribution to the world. We want to feel we make a difference. We want to feel we have a life purpose. We can feel and do all those things when we are true to ourselves and give our true service.  If we combine those two points we are truly letting our lives ...
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Four Types of People

I have found that there are in essence four types of people: First those who never care about why they are here…they live their lives with a beginning middle and an end… a sense of purpose never comes across their minds. The second group of people are those who realize there is a reason for their existence, they want to know their purpose, they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They want to make a difference. They never understand what their purpose is. They never find out how to live out that purpose or achieve remarkability. The third group is the saddest. This is where I lived for what felt like forever. These are the people who know what their purpose is, they know how they want to make a difference, “BUT!!!” They live in fear…fear of failure fear of success, fear of being laughed at…The fear is so strong they never move toward reaching their goal. They never move toward fulfilling their lives. These are truly the people who live in quiet desperation. The last group are the few…these are the remarkable people, these are the people who let their lives speak. These are the people who find their purpose who live ...
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Wall Street Journal – America’s Premier Experts

July 23, 2009 Issue What is the one big business idea you would give business owners to help them thrive in our current economy? ...
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What if we took the time to think about being “remarkable”? Forcing ourselves to look at what we are and imagining what we could be. Not waiting for change, but being the catalyst for change. The philosophy of REMARKABILITY has been ours since day one. Remarkable is believing you are!  Remarkability is knowing you are the difference!
  • Remarkable is action.
  • Remarkable is doing what others believe is impossible.
  • Remarkable is sharing your life’s gifts.
  • Remarkable is letting your life speak!
  • Remarkable is finding your personal place to stand.
  • Remarkable is taking that stand.
  • Remarkable is moving the world.
Letting your life speak is remarkable! You are remarkable! REMARKABILITY is doing it over and over again! Do you dare to be remarkable?! We dare you! Bart ...
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