The Path to Remarkability…Walking the Red Carpet!



In January, I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Grammy’s. I had always wanted to attend an event like this! I thought this is going to be incredible! It was!

The show is completely different in person compared to seeing it on television. I also had the opportunity to go to the after party. That was a blast! The decorations were spectacular, the food was great and the sights tremendous!

I attended with a group of likeminded business people trying to make a difference. They were really what made the trip so fantastic. I was honored to be a part of such a fine group of people! The part I found the most disappointing was walking the red carpet….. ok…..ok……….let me explain! I can already hear you saying,  ”Bart are you nuts?”

What I discovered are that there are TWO red carpets…………… for the stars and one for everyone else! The stars’ red carpet is filled with reporters, TV staff, THE BIG STARS, cameras and the Grammy staff. The other red carpet runs parallel to the red carpet for the start. At many points there is a screen that really keeps you from seeing much! There is also a staff that keeps you moving fairly quickly until you get to the other end. I wanted to gawk……….not possible! The POWER OF THE RED CARPET DID NOT HIT ME UNTIL AFTER THE OSCARS!!!

Here’s what happened……………..I came to work on Monday morning after the Oscars on Sunday night. At least twenty people asked me if I went to the Oscars. I laughed and said NO!!! I asked why? They said well you walked one red carpet, we expected you to walk the next one! What followed was the most amazing part. Every person said, “I wish I could do that. The next time you go, can I go with you?”

It just reinforced the idea that everyone wants to walk their own red carpet. Every person wants to feel like they count for a reason. It is scary to walk down the red carpet by yourself. It is much easier if you can follow someone who has already walked down the red carpet. That is exactly what happens when someone follows their purpose. When someone follows their dreams, when someone steps on their own red carpet to the practice of Remarkability! People want to follow! Each of us has the responsibility of responding to the call of fulfilling our purpose. The consequences of not being true to ourselves is building houses that will not stand, relationships that will fail and dreams that will become nightmares.

There are people waiting for you to lead the way. They are suffering, hurting, crying, and begging for you to show the way. They want to go with someone who has been seen that path. Once they walk the path of Remarkability, they too will show the way for others. It begins with YOU!!!! It never ends. This is you creating and living out your INTENTIONAL LEGACY! You see…………when you walk the red carpet of remarkability two things happen: One ………….you want to do it again!!!!!! Two………..others want to follow and go with you!!!!!! I DARE YOU TO WALK DOWN YOUR OWN RED CARPET!! I DARE YOU TO SHOW THE WAY FOR OTHERS!!!

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