Work Harder On Yourself Than You Do Your Job

This quote has echoed in my head since I was 22 years old. When I started my spoken communications company in 2002, this became a core principle. It reflects how important I see our ability to communicate and speak – it is our key to our personal and professional success! Our program is thirty hours of information, practice and feedback. Everyone goes home physically and emotionally tired!

I believe if we want to increase the value we bring to our families, friends, businesses and community we must continue to develop, learn and grow! I heard a friend of mine say, “The more we grow the island of knowledge, the longer the shore of ignorance.”

Below is an email I received from a man who went through on of our programs. He truly is an example of someone working harder on himself. He made tremendous progress and is not giving himself enough credit!

Aloha Bart,

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and blessed gift with us.  I found this class and material very valuable.  Watching and hearing the recording of myself was very painful and hard to watch and hear, yet at the same time it was an eye-opening experience.

I was really impressed with Nate’s performance today.  I know with much effort, time and practice I will get to what Nate accomplished today.  I do understand I have a lot of hard work ahead of me and my goal will be to get to the point where I am able to take what you taught us and do it effortlessly, with clarity and confidence or the state of unconsciously competent.

I would like to take your offer and ask you to send me the softcopy of the class worksheets.

Again Bart, mahalo for what you have done for me.

Robert Yee
Consulting System Engineer

The “Nate” that Robert is referring to was in the same Boot Camp as Robert. One of the closing exercises is for each student to practice using the delivery skills, content skills and visual aid skills they were taught in class. Nate blew the whole class away with his exercise. We all sat in awe of Nate! It was like Nate had been holding back for three days. When he was done I wanted to look at Nate and say, “who are you and what have you done with Nate?!!! When students gain their confidence, command presence and attain the ability to influence it only drives me to reach out and help others. This is what keeps it so fresh for me after 20 years! Empowered people who will empower others! Here is the video to watch Nate’s final exercise:

Robert lives out another one of my favorite principles, ALWAYS MAKE YOUR FUTURE BIGGER THAN YOUR PAST!

Today make the personal commitment to work harder on yourself and make your future bigger than your past!

Let me know what that means to you and how you are going to do it!

~ Just Bart

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