Your Core Story: Part 1

Communication Strategies…….Your Core Story!

How to Gain Trust and Relationship and Sustain It!

Daniel Pink’s new book, To Sell is Human, The Surprising Truth About Moving Others! is tremendous! In an interview I saw with him he stated very clearly he believes all of us are in sales. Some people are in actual exchange of products and services for money and some of us or in exchange of time, information and activity.

I find it interesting that everyone focuses on the first part of that title and misses the second part. The most powerful part, “The surprising truth about moving others!”

I have found the key to standing out and moving others is your Core Story. It is the catalyst to moving others! I believe the Core Story is the ultimate secret weapon in building trust, establishing relationship and keeping people, customers, clients engaged! According to Annette Simmons, “Whoever tells the best story wins!” I completely agree with her!

With almost every communication class I have taught there are several stories that are told that move me to laughter, to tears and to wanting to take action!

I know you have experienced the same thing! We love a great story! An action packed story, a love story or a scary story…guess that’s why we love movies! They are just visual stories!

Even the Harvard Review put out an article that reported executives stated, “Don’t come talk to us with power point slides, come in and tell us a story!”

The question them becomes why should you develop your core story?

Out of my almost 25 years of coaching folks in communication, I believe your core story is your key differentiator! Your core story is completely unique to you.

Today begin to visualize how your core story can act as the foundation for every aspect of your business.

You will find you take a paradigm shift in your business approach from ‘transaction based’ to ‘relationship based’, from ‘broad based’ to ‘purpose driven based’ and from a ‘hunt and conquer’ approach to a ‘service,development, and nurture’ approach.

Over the next few blog postings we will look briefly look at three simple ideas:

  1. Why your core story? 2) The benefits of your core story. 3) The applications of your core story.

Stay tuned, stay logged in, stay with us! We’re excited to share more so that you can BE more!

Additional note……next week I am starting a “30 Day Communication Challenge”. I will be posting 30 videos on YouTube of the best communication tips I have learned over the last 23 years. If you’re interested send me a quick email to with “30 Day Communication Challenge” in the subject line. When each video gets posted I will send it right to you! I look forward to hearing your thoughts about each video!


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